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Metzer Megavision Trinocular Streo Zoom Microscope Model
MEGA - 6021
Mainly recommended for advanced studies in Metallurgy, Mineralogy, electronics & watch Industry. Zoom focusing with magnification from 10X to 50X extendable to 150X with additional objective lenses. Binocular Observation Head conveniently inclined at 45 deg. off the horizontal with coated prisms and interpupillary & dipodic adjustment. Equipped with Trinocular photo tube interchangeable to binocular body by change to lever system. Built in sharp halogen illumination system controlled by solid state variable control system.

Accessories For Stereo Zoom Microscope
* SWF 20X eyepiece pair * Auxiliary objective 2X
* CCD Camera * Roller Film photo micrographic Camera

Trinocular Streo Zoom Microscope

Metzer Megavision Binocular Streoscope Zoom
Microscope Model MEGA - 6019

Zoom focussing with smooth enlargement with magnification upto 50X.
Built in sharp halogen illumination system controlled by solid
state variable control system.

Binocular Streoscope Zoom

Metzer Megavision Multipurpose Stero Microscope Model MBE - 6017
Mainly recommended for various fields such as Tools, Watches, Electronics, Precision Machinery, Minerology, etc. for inspection and assembly purposes.
* High resolution with three dimension field of view having erect images.
* Inclined binocular system rotatable through 3600.
* Long working distance with large field of view.
* Binocular system with interpupillary adjustment 55mm-75mm and diopter adjustment on left eye piece tube.

* Objectives : 2X & 4X (Rotating).
* Eyepieces : (Wide Eye) 10X & 15X.
* Magnification : 20X to 60X.
* Illuminations :(Halogen Bulb).
a) Transmitted for diascopic observations b) Incident for surface observations.
* Focussing by rack and pinion system.
* Voltage 220/240 Volts AC.

Multipurpose Stero Microscope



VFM 9018 Metzer Megavision Toolmakers Microscope
 150mm X 150mm square X-Y Measuring stage 25mm travel extendable to 50mm with slip guages. Gonimeter eyepieces 10X with scale. Base illumination (diascopic) 12V/20W (variable intensity) incident illumination 12V/20W (variable intensity). Magnification 30X with
field of view 12mm and working distance 80 mm.

Toolmakers Microscope

Metzer Megavision Video Profile Projector Table Model MEGA-8024
Mainly recommended for Precise Inspection & quality control in engineering colleges, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institute and Engineering workshops in Industries.
* Innovative design highly versatile optical system exclusively for easier
* Optical Head with 3-step magnification.
Eyepieces 10X paired wide field.
* Magnification 5X-25X.
* Working distance 100mm.
* Large Base with built in Halogen diascopic illumination with variable
* Special Coaxial vertical illumination for sharp flat focus on the object.
* Voltage 220/240 volt A/C.
Video CCD High resolution monochrome camera with 'C' mount and 14" high resolution monitor. Built in sharp halogen bulb illumination with solid state electronic controls

Video Profile Projector

Metzer Megavision Shadowgraph Profile Projector Table Top 
Model MEGA-8021
Mainly recommended for tool Room Precision Machine shops. Textile Workshop for Spinnerette Testing and small scale Industries to examines small components on the Projection screen, Major applications are profile inspection, liner measurements inspection of small components.
A. MEGA-8021 A (Junior)
Technical Specifications
* Projection Screen  : 200mm graduated o-360 degrees with 1 minute accuracy.
* Work Stage  : 150mm X 150mm with X & Y coordinate movements double plate system
* Accuracy  : 0.01mm
*  Illumination  : Sharp halogen illumination with electronic control.
* Magnification  : 10X & 20X

Shadowgraph Profile Projector

A. MEGA-8021 B (Senior)
Technical Specifications
* Projection Screen  : 300mm graduated O-360 degrees with 1 minute accuracy.
* Work Stage  : 150mm X 150mm with X & Y coordinate movements double plate system
* Accuracy  : 0.01mm 
*  Illumination  : Sharp halogen illumination with electronic control.
* Magnification  : 10X & 20X, 40x & 80X

Table Top Model MEGA-8021B

Metzer Megavision High-Tech Digital Table Top Profile Projection
Model MEGA-8025
Mainly recommended for precise inspection & quality control in
Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics, industrial Training Institute,
Engineering Workshop in Industries and R & D Laboratories.

* Projection Screen : 300mm graduated 0-3600 with 1-minute accuracy
* Workstage : 150mm x 150mm with X & Y
coordinate movements by double plate system.
* Accuracy : 0.001 mm (Digital)
0.01 mm (Manual)
* Illumination : Diascopic Halogen
Episcopic Halogen
* Magnification :  10X & 20X
* Manual Z Movement
* Transverse by micrometers
    measurement system :
X-Axis 25mm
Y-Axis 25mm

Digital Table Top Profile Projection

Extra Accessories :
Automatic Edge Sensing System with computer Interpolation for
Geometric measurements. Interface : RS 232 port with print out
facility Angular Measurement : Digital Angular Read out of 0.01
resolution & 10 accuracy.
b) Data Processor
1. Alignment
2. Distance between two points
3. Polar co-ordinate
4. Dia & radius of circle
5. Co-ordinate of inter section point (Line & Circle, 
    Circle & Circle, Line & Line)
6. Co-ordinate of mid point
7. Distance between the points and straight line.
8. Rectangular co-ordinate
9. Point measurement (single pt. & 2 pts.)
10. Circle measurement with  n=no. of point (3<n<99)
11. Gear & screw thread profile
12. Teach progeamme
13. Statistics
14. Resetting
15. Facility for editing & adding text
16. Provision for storing and recalling facility.

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