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Trinocular Univarsal Research Microscope, Trinocular Coaxial Research Microscope, Surgical Instrument, Mumbai, India




Metzer Biomedical Double Headed Universal Research Microscope
Moksh MBE- 6090 BX & BXTR

1)  Optical System :
Microscope equipped with universal infinity  corrected optical system

2) illumination :
The  frame with built in full koehler Illuminati for transmitted light and equipped with LED illumination equivalent to 6V 20W halogen transmitted illumination light source.

3) Observation tube :

a) Ergo adjustable tilting binocular tube / trinoculer tube for 3 rd observers or digital camera

b) Shall have facility for digital camera attachment

c) Paired anti fungal eyepieces of 10X magnification with F.O.V.22mm

4) Teaching attachment

a) Basic Unit with 1+1 observer with face to face arrangement.

b) Both eyepieces shall have diopter adjustment for observers and shall have  F. O. V. 22mm

c) Teaching attachment for additional 1 person with adjustable, tilting with eyepieces of 10X /22mm with ointer Eyepiece 10X.

5) Condenser :
Achromat swing out condenser 1.2 N.A. with Diaphragm & filter holder

6 ) Nose piece
Universal resolving nose pieces

7) Objectives:
Infinity corrected, plan Din size achromatic 1.25X or 1.OX, 4 X, 10X, 20X, spring loaded 40X and oil quoted as standard part of configuration

8) Polo rising facilities with Poloariser  condenser & Analyser  eyepieces 10X WF

9) Dust cover

10) Latest design of Microscope




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